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Level 2 NVQ - Plant Operations Information 
The Plant Operation NVQ is a work-based learning qualification that enables you to work as a plant operator in the construction industry. As a plant operator you will learn how to work safely as part of a team and will learn how to prepare and operate different types of plant equipment/machinery depending on which pathway you choose to take. 
This qualification that develops competency in working as a plant operator. You will learn how to conform to general healthy, safety and welfare in the workplace and how to conform to productive working practices in the workplace. Depending on the pathway chosen, you will learn how to prepare and operate different types of plant equipment/machinery. There are several different pathway within this qualification and they include: Transporting loads, excavating, extracting & many more. You can find the pathways and units here.
To achieve this qualification candidates will need to complete a portfolio of work-based evidence, along with an on-site assessment. You must complete all required mandatory units along with your chosen plant specific units.
You can view the mandatory and optional pathways here.
The qualification can take around 6-8 weeks to complete, depending on work commitments. NPVSL will give high levels of support throughout the process.
If you already have a Red CPCS or NPORS Trained Operator Card, achieving this qualification will gain you a Blue CPCS or NPORS Competent Operator Card. 
There are no entry requirement for this qualification - anyone over the age of 16 that is seeking to demonstrate competence working in the plant operations sector can take this qualification. 
What does the NVQ cost?
For a certificate/diploma Level 2 in Plant Operations we charge a fee of £750 plus VAT per person. This includes two different optional units chosen by yourself. Any additional units will be charged at £150 each.
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