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National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ's)
National Vocational Qualifications are work based awards, which means that most of the training can be completed in the workplace, minimising disruption to the working day. 
NPVSL is a national specialist in delivering NVQ's. In addition we specialise in the training for and providing of a variety of CSCS & CPCS Cards. We can deliver training both off and on site and cover a broad range of industries and qualifications that build towards your CSCS & CPCS cards as well as an overall NVQ Qualification.
These cards are an important part of finding the construction role you want, or if you are an employer getting the right level of skills for your work force.
Get in contact with us today on 07977077415 and we will talk you through the NVQ programmes we have available. Our professional team are certain to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary for you to take your career further. 

NVQ's we offer:
  • Plant Operations Level 2 Certificates & Diplomas
  • General Construction Operations Level 2 Certificate
  • Slinger / Signalling Level 2 Diploma
  • Business Administration Level 2
  • Occupational work supervisor (construction) Level 3 Diploma
  • Management Level 4 Diploma
  • Controlling Lifts (Supervising Lifts) Level 4
  • Assessing Competence in the Work Place Level 3
  • Assessing Vocational Achievement Level 3
  • Understanding Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices Level 4
  • The Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practices Level 4
What are the benefits to an organisation in getting staff to NVQ Standard?
  • Increased productivity and staff morale
  • Helps create a learning skills culture
  • Aids recruitment and retention of key staff
  • Competent, knowledgeable staff that are trained to National Occupational Standards for the sector
  • Can be used to motivate staff and linked to the appraisal process
  • Forms a basis for planning human resources
What are the benefits to the employees?
  • Official recognition of their knowledge, skills and competency to be able to do the job effectively.
  • Motivation to progress within the business and achieve greater working capacities.
  • Planned career development – NVQs start at level 1 and progress to level 8 within the QCF.
  • A flexible route to becoming qualified.
  • Increases self-confidence, instils a feeling of personal achievement
NPVSL offers a wide range of National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s). These are all delivered in the workplace by our national team of qualified and highly experienced assessors. NPVSL are proud of their NVQ success rate currently running at 94%.
We offer an impartial advice and guidance service to help individuals access the most appropriate training for their needs and further support vocational training by training instructors, assessors and internal quality assurance managers.
The NPVSL mission is to encourage and support a competent, well motivated and diverse workforce by delivering a high level one stop training solution anywhere in the UK.

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